Head: Raginspoon cast

Basic Astronaut:
Torso, upper arms: 25th Wild Bill
Lower arms: 25th Cobra Trooper
Legs: RoC Storm Shadow
Cap: 25th Shockblast

Space Suit Astronaut:
Body: 30th Airtight
Helmet: 25th Ace
Collar: RoC Doc
Gear: various Corps accessories, modified.

Part of the Action Pilot series, the Astronaut set was released in 1967. It was a replica of the space suits of the time and included the suit and helmet, tether cord, boots, gloves, camera, oxygen chest pack and propellant gun. The Astronaut was a smash hit for the GI Joe line. The Space Capsule is still fondly remembered as one of the highlights of the entire 12'' run.

Since it was part of the Action Pilot line, there was not a ''basic'' version of the Astronaut until 1969. By then, GI Joe had become an Adventurer. The Talking Astronaut was part of the ''Adventures of GI Joe'' line in 1969. I chose to include him here as I wanted to have a non-space suited figure to compliment the Astronaut.

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