Head: custom head shrink of original Mattel head, by Asphalt
Body: DG Blue Shipwreck
Harness: CS Snake Eyes
Shoulder holster: scratch built from vinyl

There are two Big Jim customs out there that set the bar, and I knew I could not top either, so I tried to shoot for a gentle compromise where I took some parts from each to at least sort of have my own unique version.

When gijoey and I asked Asphalt to shrink down the original Big Jim head, it was done one two levels. One slightly larger version, for gijoey, as his figures are bigger than a standard Joe, and the other smaller one to fit more directly onto a modern Joe figure. That is the one I used here. gijoey's set, which I helped with a little bit, is really a recreation of the original line into our scale, and they are awesome.

The other take on the character that influenced me was HypnoHustler's. Hypno went with all modern parts to basically update the character with a more modern and perhaps realistic point of view. It is actually how I would envision the character looking, it he were the subject of a modern toy line or television show.

What I did with this one is to take the vintage head sculpt, and put it on a modern Joe style figure. The end result is a bit of an LBC, but it will make sense in the end, as I have my Jim (code name is Big Jim, real name is Jim Steele), as a dual member of the Adventure Team and the Wolfpack, whose primary role is as the pilot of the Sky Commander plane, and the adventures that come with it. Any way, I plan to give him a whole crew of people with similar uniforms, and in the end I think it will work out.

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