head: modified Professor X with Hobbit Kili hair
hood: Assassin's Creed
Torso: BFS Elven Ranger
Arms: Uppers: Prince of Persia, Lowers: Elven Ranger
Armor bits: BFS Druid
Legs: Elven Ranger
Scabbards: Scratch built with vinyl and charms
Swords: custom hybrids
Cloak: Golden Compass fur coat modded
Shield: Trigate
Helmed Head (and helmet prop): BFS dragon hunter, modded.

My fantasy verse is basically a prequel verse to my EXCAL contemporary verse (where all modern characters co-exist, Joes included). The fantasy verse doesn't have a direct line to all those characters, but certain of the protagonists and themes date back to this time.

Blackthorne is a title of a Ranger/Paladin hybrid type who is lord of a territory of the Kingdom which he patrols and keeps safe. In times of threat to the Kingdom, Rangers from each territory will unite and form a dreadful combat force. Those times happen more and more often lately it seems. The rest of the time he leads various adventuring parties in the quest for treasure, glory, adulation, and new taverns.

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