Head: DCIH Lex Luthor
Body: DCIH Commish. Gordon
Hands: Random 25th G.I. Joe
Coat: Golden Compass Soresby (Modded)
Wheelchair: Avatar Jake Sully

Like a lot of customizers, when I saw the Jake Sully wheelchair, I knew I had to make a Prof X custom!

One construction note on this: the Gordon figure's plastic is so rotten, I actually broke one of the legs off just moving it into a sitting position. I also cut off the DCIH hammer hands, drilled out the sleeves & added random 25th Joe hands. One critique is that Prof's coat is too bulky - it didn't seem as bad when Charlie was standing - but he can't stand anymore, I had to glue the broken leg in the sitting position. I thought I better get this one into the gallery before Marvel releases their 'official' one!

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