Head: Cobra Trooper v6
Body: General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy v4
- Beret/AKM-74U: Marauder Inc
- Belt/Pistol: General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy v4
- Sigil: Cobrastickers

An organisation like Cobra is not just composed of crack units and elite troops, so why should they be disproportionately depicted. The vast majority are of a more modest variety. This is another in my series of Cobra troopers with more routine functions.

One of Cobra's Legions is the Provost Force Command, a paramilitary organisation responsible for internal security within Cobra's federated territories, dependencies and installations. Its two agencies are the Frontier Agency, responsible for border patrol and security, and the Cobra Security Service, responsible for policing, a gendarmerie and a sentry force. The latter are the outer layer of security at most Cobra installations. (Specialised forces may guard more sensitive areas)

The Sentry Trooper depicted here might be responsible for access control or perimeter security at one of Cobra's facilities in a low threat environment.

The badge depicted is that of the security guard service, the Cobra Sentry Force.

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