head- tunnelrat resculpted
goggles - tunnelrat
torso- snake eyes
forearms - firefly v2
lower legs - skybat
feet - destro
hands - arctic snake eyes
vest - arctic snake eyes - trimmed, shipwreck belt portion, yakuza stormshadow shoulder pad
ipod - hitech v2
saber - flint
belt - shipwreck, hand painted stars and bars

Cross-Country -
Back home they always said Robert Blais was born to drive things that are loud and run on diesel. It takes a certain type of control and instinct to sit atop a dual tread assault platform with two ion heavy laser cannons bolted to your chair. His music blaring, drowns out the sound of the gears and mechanics of the dual half track tank beneath him. "It's all good as long as you play two types of music with me, country and western"

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