head - destro
mask - halo magnetic balls shoulder pad
torso - lt- stone
chest plate - ammo belt lock off heavy duty backpack
waist strap tech bit - 1/6 wrist watch
shoulder antennas - zartan wrist gun blades
lower legs - duke v1
feet - MOTU classics Icarus
hands - arctic snake eyes
data blaster - sigma strike duke

Data recovery report from Mainframe reguarding the Mega-Vipers found a transmitter feed to their handlers. Their Containment suits are based on the Cobra Lair controller suits, ie Golobulus before his mutation. This base appears to have 5 of them working in cycles maintaining the construction of a massive MASS device, coupled to they same energy collector as the Pyramid of Power and dynamo driven power inverter of the weather dominator. Inventory of other "super science" facilities say that many other previous targets of Cobra, Venom, Black Widows, Doc Terror, Dr Isotope and Dr X have all gone missing. The latest were the MacGuffin Device and another Cybertronian tool used to mine for Dragonfire crystal. The Cyber-Vipers operate in a hive mind and when active are submerged into a conductive gel to nuerally connect to the servers that help them control the Mega-Vipers, no less than a dozen squads of BATS and all the interior defenses. Finding a way to disrupt their dominance will be imperative to getting into the inner facility control center.

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