Head: FS Grunt, TP & Glue
Torso: Croc Master
Waist: FS Blocker
Arms: FS Zartan
Legs: CP Firefly
Guns: Marauder John

Max Kasady was sent to live with his grandmother after his parents were killed during a house fire. After the 'accidental' death of his grandmother down a flight of stairs, Kasady was sent to a boys home, where his psychopathic demeanor made him a target for the other orphans and the staff. Kasady vindicated himself by murdering the administrator and burning down the orphanage. By his early twenties, he had been convicted of eleven murders, and was incarcerated in the Colorado Supermax Federal Prison. It was here where he was discovered by the subversive Red Shadows organization, who were searching for an operative that could be 'set free' within a mission and trusted to cause as much carnage as possible. After the Shadows discovered that Kasady never considered a mission 'finished,' they decided to cut him loose from the organization -- actually, they just never tried to bring him back.

Kasady remains at large.

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