Head- SW Saga Legends Obi Wan (bandanna made from synthetic sinue and paint.
Body, arms and top of legs- Cobra Soldier
Legs-Star Wars figure
Chest piece- SW saga legends X-Wing Luke
Gun- ROC Storm Shadow
Holster- SW Kal Fas
Belt- HISS Driver
Flag- Duke jet pack and Lego parts and photoshopped logo
Everything else self-made

MegaForce was a film in 1981 about a secret international military group that fought terrorism, this was before GI Joe was a Real American Hero fighting terrorists like Cobra. MegaForce was complied with the best soldiers from around the world and equipped with the most state of the art gear and vehicles. MegaForce is lead by Ace Hunter, Commander. Riding on his Delta Mark IV motorcycle, terrorist beware. MegaForce:Deeds Not Words! Are You Man Enough for MegaForce?

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