Head / body: Knock off figure
Lower arms: Random G.I.Joe

Cobra is not the only group of terrorists G.I.Joe faces. From the Red Shadows, Storm Troopers, V.E.N.O.M., M.A.D., and others the Joe Team's adversaries are as diverse as the Joe Team. One group is even more off kilter then the rest. SCARAB.

SCARAB is lead by the elusive and jealous Dr. Scarab, brother of Professor Dr. Amadeus Sharp Ph.D.. Scarab is obsessed with ruling the world and immortality. So much so that he has under gone numerous plastic surgery procedures giving him an unnatural appearance.

Saw this knock off figure at a bodega (a ghetto store) in Brooklyn. I instantly knew I wanted to make it Dr. Scarab.

I had to do a lot of work to the head. Shaved off a safari hat, added the head piece from a Medi-Viper and a plastic piece from a 25th Joe thigh for the reflector.

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