Clone Trooper Head modded (x2)
Hal Jordan Flight helmet
RoC Rampage Torso, coat and arms
Hands: Tieka Toys Our War Soldier
Res. Duke Legs
Guru Shades

D. Ranger Ajax (he goes by his middle name "Ranger" - that's not a title) is the older brother of Percy Ajax. He was born to be a dagger pilot, and his skill in that regard was so apparent, Horatio Ajax let him pursue his calling as a Dagger Pilot in the Royal Avalonian Armada, rather than force him to accept his birthright as an Avalonian Lord and Paladin. (Instead, Percy took on this role, reaching the pinnacle as the King's First Sword, before his eventual fall from grace).

Ranger is the Commander of the Air Group aboard the R.A.A. Trinity - the top pilot's position aboard the top carrier in the galaxy.

I chose this look for a pilot for several reasons. One is that it reminds me a bit of WWII era pilot garb. Two, I have a bunch of Rampage figures. And three, it gives me a bit of a vintage Battlestar Warrior feel to it.

I also have a dress uniform version of some of my pilots.

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