Head: Storm Shadow
Torso: Iron Grenadiers
Arms: Scalpel
Waist: BTR Gung-Ho
Upper Legs: Blackout
Lower Legs: Zartan
Feet: Guillotine

Darklon assisted William Kessler in his attempt to take down Cobra Commander. When Kessler's mission changed and he took the title of Cobra Commander III, Darklon was the only member of The Underground to remain loyal. In return, Darklon was granted control of the MARS facility on the newly christened island nation of Springfield. Along with that he became the commander of the Iron Grenadier troops in the country. Cobra Commander III called Alexander McCullen to the throne room to inform him of the change in leadership. McCullen was rightfully angry, but he knew there was nothing he could do surrounded by Cobra faithful. He is now held hostage in his own weapons facility and forced to take orders from his flamboyant distant cousin. Darklon claims that he is the true heir to the McCullen name and business and calls Alexander a half breed mutt that doesn't know his place in the world. Arrogant and prideful, Darklon is blind to the schemes that are being hatched behind his back to overtake him and open the island to an attack from Destro.

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