Head: Ninja battles Black Dragon Ninja, right eye blotted out with self-drying clay
Body: Vv.V Snake-Eyes
Arms: JVC Snake-Eyes
Waist: JVC Snake-Eyes
Upper legs: Vv.V Gung Ho
Knees: Vv.V Heavy Duty
Boots/Feet: Episode 2 Mace Windu

One of the most dangerous mercenaries on earth, leader of his own network of assassins. Hired by Two-Face (at great expense. He just really liked the bifurcated look of their helmets) to help him take down the rival organization of Black Mask. Their ambush of The False Face society during a drug shipment at the docks was ruined by Batman, resulting in catastrophic loses. Deathstroke himself was knocked off a roof and hung upside down by his feet. Humiliated, Deathstroke abandoned Two-Face and turned to a mission of revenge to rebuild his reputation. Batman caught him off guard before. This time it will be different!

Not sure where I got the notion for this figure, but I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm considering changing the hands with ones that are more capable of holding the weapons I've chosen. We'll see. This head makes a great Deathstroke because of the apparent simplicity despite the great detail. It's almost like a "movie version" of a ninja head. Also, there is a great crazy expression in the eyes/eye!

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