Head: SW CW Aasja Ventress
Body: SW Dark Woman
Coat: Scratch built
Belt: Made from 25A Mainframe webgear


Jamar Miller gets the blame for getting me interested in the Devil's Due Red Shadows characters. The look of the character is very over-the-top and dynamic. I wanted to tweak it just a bit and make it less bondage and more practical.

Rather than sculpting on the straps on the character's chest seen in artwork, I went with the existing figure and just left it alone.

A bonus of working on Red Shadows figures is that it helps me use the "I'll never find a use for that figure!" scrap pile. I didn't see any use for the not-so-poseable DW body, but with a figure wearing a floor-length fur coat, it wouldn't matter.


This is the third figure I've used masking tape to emulate cloth. Unlike the lab coat I made for GI Jane or the cloak I made for Vypra, I'm very happy with this coat. The fur edging, which I sculpted to the position of the feet, provided a framework to shape the tape and hold it in a pose.


I wasn't sure if the decidedly animated look of the Aasja Ventress figure would fit with the more realistic head sculpts of GI Joe figures. I went super-realistic in the painting to balance out the cartoonish appearance. The skin tone is not even, slightly lighter in some spots. I normally don't paint whites of the eyes, but I did here- careful to use a dull grey instead of a bright white. The lips are actually two slightly different colors. It pulled together and the head works.

As with the decision to not add a corset to the torso, I chose to simplify the colors a bit. Instead of what appears to be Dalmatian fur in artwork, I went with silver instead. Is it mink? Sure.

The artwork usually shows the interior of the pants as being red and padded. I opted again for simplicity and left everything black, not even making the pants and boots different.

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