Head, hands: 25A Dialtone (head modified)
All else: MU The Enchantress


I could only find one Dr. Burkhart custom anywhere on the internet. This is a surprise and even bit of disappointment given the character's importance in the first Marvel issue. As a middle-aged woman in business attire isn't that exciting a figure, I can understand why there haven't been many attempts. Nonetheless, I wanted to take a stab at it.

The female MU body seemed like a good base figure, once I replaced the dynamic hands with the less-dramatic Dialtone ones. The Dialtone head was also a good match for Dr. Burkhart's appearance.

The legs, with their "wrinkled material" ankles, might not have been the best choice. However, I didn't notice this until I had the figure completed. The height of the figure is also a bit off. Compared to other 25A figures, Dr. Burkhart is easily over 6' tall. This figure might have turned out better if I had found a different base figure for the body- the POTC Elizabeth Swann figure would have been perfect.

Colors & paint:

The suit/skirt are a white/burgundy spray mix. I considered using a solid pink acrylic, but the spray texture works better to hide the tatters and problems with the masking tape. The final color is still pink, but a less intense pink than in the comic- which would have looked a bit overpowering on a real object.

The straight yellow hair in the comic book has been replaced with a duller, more realistic blonde. Likewise, the necklace was gold and the tiara was black in the comic, but I switched them both to silver to better fit the figure's color scheme.

Painting the shoes took some thinking. The feet are poorly sculpted. They're not really shaped like feet or shoes, but more like rounded door stoppers. The pink is the same tone as the flesh color, so it needed some help to stand apart from the feet. I painted a very thin blue line dividing where the flesh ends and the shoes begin.


The original hair was removed. I replaced it with sculpted hot glue, using wire to make the 80's mini tiara.

The jacket, skirt, and sleeves are made of masking tape. The jacket collar is epoxy putty.

The necklace under the jacket is 24 gauge craft wire, tightly wound and contoured to the frame.

Thanks for looking.

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