Head: Unknown (with neck adjustment)
Torso: Gnawgahyde
Waist, Thighs: FS Road Pig
Boots: Croc Master
Arms: Unknown
Flynn Stone - Mobile: 1:18 Plastic Model

This custom idea started out simply as an LBC just to show my 1:18 Flintstone Mobile... then I customized the neckball of the figure, then I decided to paint his hair black, and some of the body parts orange to give him a more classic Fred Flintstone feeling, which first made me have to prime the figure, and I just kept getting more and more involved. I used Custom Celebration IV as the motivation to finish this figure, after having made the plastic model back in about '98 or '99. So, only 13 years or so to get this far ... not bad, by my reckoning.

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