Head? random from fodder bin, modded; Body Professor X, suit coat MIB.

Organizational History Briefing

History tells us that the G.I. Joe organization developed out of what was originally to be an elite commando unit of the SHIELD organization, named Fury Force. History lies.

The Fury Force legend was created to hide the truth about the organization which not only gave birth to G.I. Joe, but to the modern day hero, period. That group was a justice-seeking, civil rights minded force of change known simply as: Falcon Force.

Falcon Force was, on its face, an international anti-terror special ops unit founded by retired SAS Colonel Horatio T. Falcone (though he made no effort to disguise himself, he ran the team from his secret HQ under the code name Falcon 7 for years until his demise). Falcone has been considered by many to be the British Fury. It is ironic then, in this sense, that the Fury persona has been used to sweep Falcone and his team under the historical rug.

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