Body, helmet: 25th Flash
Head: ROC Air Assault Glider Grand Slam
Backpack, rifle: 25th Flash, dry brushed, wire to backpack sanded down
Belt: 25th Zap/Dollar General Duke
Backpack straps: Retaliation Joe Colton (gun and holster removed).

Body: Testors Green Zinc Chromate
Gloves, boots, belt, straps: Vallejo Field Drab
Accents, Visor (inner surface) gun/backpack dry brush: Citadel Runefang Steel

This figure is part of my GI Joe OG13 25th Classic Set, one of seven OG13 sets in my collection.

The Hasbro produced figure is too tall, in relation to the Snake Eyes figure used for most of the O13 group, and needed to be shortened. This was done by slicing off a portion of the lower legs at the foot sockets, and redrilling the foot sockets. Note: the FSS Grand Slam mold appears to be slightly shorter than the Hasbro-produced Flash figure, and may also have worked without the leg mod.

The visor was painted silver to give this figure's visor a unique spin, and bring in more silver as the third accent color of the figure as a whole. The use of Testors Green Zinc Chromate for the body suit was a bit of a stretch for a military green, but at the time was the only shade of green I had that was different enough from the others, but I had previously used it on an early Sci-Fi custom. It took a few months to get use to the color when I changed it, but in the end isn't as radical a change, when you look at my Steeler and Zap.

The "wire" connecting the rifle to the backpack was sanded down to a smaller diameter to help make the rifle more poseable in hand. Also get the backpack to sit lower on the figure, the original peg was cut off, and a new peg was "fused" into a better position. I actually don't remember how I actually got the new peg secured to the pack...

One day, I would like to replace the sculpted torso padding with a separately attached padding webgear-like application (a continuous piece not broken up by upper and lower torso), and more closely based on the original 82 molding (wider pad stitching pattern)-but have yet to figure out how to actually accomplish that.

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