Head, torso, and waist: Capatin Powers, Corporal Pilot Chase
Arms and legs: comic pack Scarlett

How does a helicopter pilot end up on the moon at a listening outpost? By being the gutsiest and smartest to volunteer. At an age when her friends were taking off their training wheels, Jane Mullighan was taking off in advanced helicopters under her father's approving supervision. She went on to bocame the first female at Argentina's Master Instructor of Heroic Commands. When the message went out that an international team was being put together to colonize the moon, she personally flew from Buenos Aires to Washington DC to submit her paperwork that day.

Glenda, wanted to serve as a pilot on the colonization portion of the project, however her operations experience made her more valuable on the ground. Her ability to think on her feet and adapt to any situation that was thrown her way made her a top candidate. Being an experienced pilot and having handled communications missions was the edge that got her the assignment. At first she thought listening to space would be boring. It has been anything but. Their mission has been filled with complications that have no easy fixes. They can't call IT or run down to Radio Shack if something goes wrong. The threat of alien or Cobra attacks keeps them on their toes since they are a lone outpost miles away from the Lunar Space Station.

A long, long time ago former customizing guru Grand Slam mentioned using Captain Power's Corporal Pilot Chase as Glenda. I thought that was a great idea and tracked one down. Mattel did a great job with this line at the time. However, they don't hold up well over time. The arms and legs are made of soft rubbery plastic that turns to mush when ever the temperature goes above 80. Her gun also fell into pieces when I picked it up. I've been meaning to give her RAH articulation for a while now.

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