Upper body except left hand - Prometheus Engineer
Kenner aliens Deluxe Snake Alien for lower body
Left hand - predators cloaked raptor predator
Spore sack - marvel legends baf annihilus shoulder pad

Resculpted face to have more snake like mouth and jowels as well as character's trademark eye crab

His will is law and it will be done. He is the grand architect of Cobra La. Within its biodome there is no limit to his power. Every living organisim bends and contorts to his command. His vision is for the World to do the same. The accident that caused the biohazard lockdown of the Cobra Lair facility in the Himalayas changed the subtle and mild mannered Dr Corvus Goldbliss into the sinister serpent lord is still a mystery. He is well aware that his memories are all the fabricated lies and fantasies of a desperate survival instinct. This matters not, only his will and command will survive in his new world.

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