Head, MU Widow v.1. body: Renegades Scarlett, Legs MU Electra.

Organizational History Briefing

History tells us that the G.I. Joe organization developed out of what was originally to be an elite commando unit of the SHIELD organization, named Fury Force. History lies.

The Fury Force legend was created to hide the truth about the organization which not only gave birth to G.I. Joe, but to the modern day hero, period. That group was a justice-seeking, civil rights minded force of change known simply as: Falcon Force.

>Gail George, aka Gravity Girl. One of the least remembered heroes of the Falcon Force, perhaps because she was one of the few capable of fulling removing herself from her heroic alter-ego. As a result, George also maintained her sanity fully, whereas her former boss and mentor did not.

Gail George came from humble beginnings, working as either legal secretary or personal assistant for Ray Randall, depending on whether he was "lawyering" or "adventuring". So it was that she was on-site during the event which turned Randall into the hero known as Birdman. While George herself did not experience a transformation as a result of the seemingly alien artifacts that attached themselves to Birdman, she did acquire several items, most notably a trio of onyx rings which she later learned had latent ability-enhancing qualities.

George had always been quite athletic, having been a competitive gymnast in her youth. She later found that when wearing the rings, her athletic prowess was greatly enhanced. She could leap, twist and bound through the air, seemingly light as a feather, yet could pounce or land with the strength and force of men 5 times her size. Her ability to seemingly manipulate her density* at will allowed for her to become an extremely adept hand to hand fighter. Those "powers" when combined with her innate athleticism, gymnastic training and her subsequent mastery of various martial arts enabled Gravity Girl to become one of the most feared members of the Falcon Force.

[*Fate smiled on George, that her given G.G. initials played well into the Gravity Girl moniker, as the more scientifically accurate option of Density Dame would not have worked nearly so well.]

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