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Head: The Black Hole- Dan Holland cast
Neck post: 25A Destro (IG uniform) cast
Chest/back: NS Dusty
Upper arms: ROC Storm Shadow
Lower arms, legs: 25A Cobra Commander
Waist: NS Destro (field jacket version)


Poor Grand Slam. The only of the OG13 to NEVER get an original/unshared head in three decades. Even the NS and modern era figures have given GS recycled heads. Somehow matching this plight, GS was also the only Joe to never get a close up (or even a medium shot) of his face in Marvel Comic's GI Joe #1. The closest was an image of his head on a background view screen near General Flagg and General Austin. That image showed a haircut with a center part and hair tufts.

I'm finally getting around to hammering out the handful of OG13 characters of which I'd never made customs. Instead of working in ARAH format, I went with NS/25A because there were certain parts I wanted to use. I had hoped that Hasbro would use the 25A Cobra Commander arms and legs when they got around to making Flash and/or Grand Slam, but it didn't happen. The NS Dusty torso was horrible for a desert trooper, but looks sci-fi enough to work for a laser trooper. The head is a cast of a great Mego head, The Black Hole's Dan Holland, which was based on the actor Robert Forster. The parts come together to give Grand Slam a lean, spindly look. The shoulders are a bit too broad, but that's okay.

Colors & Paint:

Pine green, silver, and black. The color set of the 2nd ARAH Grand Slam is my favorite, as the silver separates it from Flash's identical body. Plus a red turtleneck to match the early Marvel run.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast and has some tweaking done to the hair. The neck post is also cast, with epoxy added to create the turtleneck.

Thanks for looking.

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