Head, hands: Marauder MTF
Torso: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Arms, legs: DG Duke
Web gear: 25th Snake Eyes
Weapon: 25th Duke (Comic Pack)
Helmet: Vintage Battle Gear
Backpack: ROC Monkey Wrench
Collar: POC Steel Brigade

I vaguely remember Tan Grunt as a kid. Since I spent hours staring at and memorizing the catalogs, I knew of the Falcon Glider even if I don't remember seeing them in stores or being interested in them. By that time though, there were more interesting characters coming out like Tripwire, Snow Job and Airborne. So, Grunt and his tan version became less desired.

That said, as an adult, looking at GI Joe through nostalgia colored glasses, Grunt has reclaimed his spot in my collection and so the tan version is a must. For my custom, once the regular green version of Grunt was built, I made sure to set aside enough parts to make his tan version. I never had it as a kid, but since it's Grunt, I had to make it.

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