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Head: 97 Breaker
Torso: Captain Grid-Iron
Arms, waist and legs: Lift-Ticket
Helmet: Surefire

I've been meaning to make a custom of Grand Slam for a long time now. Over a year.

But I never really knew what kind of parts I could work from.
For the longest time, he was just the most appropriate head my collection had, slapped on a Corps! STAR Force figure's body. I'd been meaning to dye that to green and paint the armor orange or silver, but I never got around to it. I'm thankful for it now, because that would've been a waste of a body.

This morning, while digging through my parts pile, inspiration struck when I noticed Captain Grid-Iron's torso was the exact same green as Lift-Ticket's arms and lower body. I thought this was a sign from the customizing gods, so I put it all together, threw on a 97 Breaker head (I really don't have anything that works better for Grand Slam at this moment, but I'm open to suggestions). The Lift-Ticket body was severely beaten up, so I had to pretty much paint over all the black and red. I also added red and black detailing to the chest to make it all match more, and I added a Surefire helmet.

I'm really happy with this custom, the body armor isn't too high-tech and works well in a realistic military concept. He looks really cool manning the HAL.

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