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Head: Ace
Chest: Sgt. Airborne
Waist & Legs: Link Talbot
Arms; Hi-Tech
Helmet: Switch Gears
Laser Rifle: 80's Knockoff Line

Here's ol' Grand Slam reborn from 82. Of course, I had no idea that they would make a DTC version, but hey. I've added a laser rifle to him because I forgot that Flash is really the laser trooper. I didn't want to paint his hands and boots in brown, so hey, it's Grand Slam.
I wanted a very old school GS for my team, but I think Hasbro beat me with the DTC version. Still, I'm proud of him. The only thing that could improve him would be a tote board for computing HAL trajectories or a laser backpack. I always figured GS knew about Lasers, coming with the HAL and all.

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