Head: AeroViper Cast (noskillz)
Torso, Arms: Grunt
Thighs: Zandar
Feet: Buzzer
Guns: Maurader John
Help with ID: pluv

One third of my entry for NJC #21 and leader of my custom Alpha Flight team. I always knew that I would use the AeroViper head for Guardian, but I had no inspiration for the rest of the parts, I only knew that eventually he would wind up with this paint scheme. I wound up with a pile of parts after a different Funskool Joe project (see Electric Eel entry) and decided to go all Funskool on this figure, just to reduce the amount of FS in my fodder drawers. I like the way he turned out -- he looks like the type of guy who leads...and also walks head-first through doorways.

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