Sigma 6 Firefly Head
Sigma 6 Snake Eyes Torso
Sigma 6 Snake Eyes Upper legs
Sigma 6 Long Range Lower legs
Jacket (Dyed) from Rocky Balboa Figure (Jakks)
Pants from Mike Tyson Figure (Jakks: Rocky)

I have never seen one episiode of Sigma 6. I collect the figures, and customize them, but have no urge to ever watch it.

When I completed General Hawk, I went searching to see how it compared to the actual Hawk from the cartoon. I was shocked to find out the only time Hawk was shown, he was in the hospital and from my understanding his "son" became an honourary member of the Sigma Team. At that point, I added the gray hair to the sides of his head, and down the middle. I then added a cigar from a "Bossman" action figure.... just to make him seem more like a "take no crap" kinda guy.

I'm not entirely happy about the placement of his cigar, and I may re-visit his hair in the future, but for now, he'll stand proudly in my Sigma 6 collection as the REAL leader of GI Joe.

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