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head/body/legs = Flash
waist = Breaker (any '83 swivel waist)
arms = Grand Slam (Flash/Steel Steel Brigades works too)
helmet = Ripcord
visor = S&S (any '82/83/AP visor, all the same)
paint = Testors acrylics

Was going to wait until I had an extra set of arms, but then realized the Grand Slam I cannibalized wasn't complete anyway (had a Flash back piece, so no guilt breaking this one apart) Finally mixed a green that I was happy with, a green/tan mix with a touch of black. Actually finished a AF Meltdown custom first(someone else's concept, but I loved the design. 334th fighting collectibles has a custom cardback if you want an idea of the character. Basically a black/green Blowtorch, vice red/yellow), but when the green dried, it was waaay too bright, ended up sea-green actually, so I added a bit more black and got a lot closer this time. Couldn't decide if I wanted pads or 'Z' 's on the biceps, so I left those blank for now. Originally used a SM Mutt helmet but it looked too 'skinny' so switched it out with a Ripcord helmet (Mainly had to do with the choice of using Flash's head, but that was a personal choice. Thought about using a Deep Six head like an older GS custom I did before, but stuck with this since AF switched it up a bit as well {their Steeler's head looking like Starduster, Quarrel like Glenda, etc. Again, just a personal choice.})

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