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Head: Valor Vs. Venom Ace
Entire Body: Grand Slam
Jetpack and Rifle: Movie Duke

Had this Ace head lying around. Could not for the life of me figure out who to use it for. Then it clicked. It reminds a little bit of the original Grunt/Zap/Grand Slam head with its angry scowl, and of Grand Slam as featured in G.I. Joe Declassified. It has this bulky tough guy look to it and is a little easier on the eyes than the current 25th Grunt/Flash/Grand Slam head. Something about it also reminds me of Lee Majors in The Fall Guy.

I never had the original figure. I was never a big Grand Slam fan. There really wasn't much to the character- The original came with The H.A.L. and the J.U.M.P. Jet Pack in either silver or orange pads. And both had that pug-ugly Grunt head. He wasn't in the cartoon, he was hardly in the comic book, and even later when Devils Due stuck him on the roster of the smaller team he didn't really DO anything. Declassified came out and Larry Hama breathed some new life into a lot of these un-exploited characters. I finally LIKE Grand Slam.

I have no idea why he came out with the "Night Spector" in this incarnation, but I'm glad I shelled out the extra money on eBay to get him. He didn't really feel complete however until I had a J.U.M.P. Jet Pack for him. And the Rifle of the same color works well for him, I think. I actually want a 25th version of the H.A.L. now.

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