Sigma 6 -

Head- Gung-Ho shaved flat top down to shaved head
torso - Destro, larger frame and allowed for bare chest modding
lower legs - Gung-ho
vest- Flint
Bandana - Heavy Duty
grenade launcher- 1/6

1/6 uniform
Service cap - My Little pony-ville

Ask any Joe or Cobra and for the most part the opinions match. Gung-Ho is a fierce brawler, intense soldier. On-again, off again cajun accent. Hearty laugh coupled with a deep toughness and mean streak. Somethimes braver than smart but again tougher than shoe leather.

Gung-Ho carries the pride of the whole Joe team where ever he goes. He approaches the team as more of a family: He may not get along with other members. He may not agree with everyone. He may not even like other members. No matter: the man would die for every single member of his team without hesitation. That's how strong a bind this man has for this unit. His assistance of Stormshadow is proof of this. A man that has nearly killed him in the past - to Gung-Ho, all that mattered was that teammate needed help.

Marine Boot graduated top of unit, Airborne school, Recondo school, Marine Ordinance school, Fluent in French, Qualified Expert: all nato infantry small arms, XM-79 grenade launcher.

When the need arises he does shine up well in his dress uniform, the most recent event requiring this appearance was attending his older sister's middle son's military funeral, he died in action at a small town miles from the destroyed Katar forward Ops base. The mission had been sealed Top Secret, with some help from Mainframe, he made it to the top of that specific recon fact finding missions ranks. He saw something out there, something he knew would change the world if Cobra got their hands on it, and it had shed his family's blood. He had to be the one to destroy it.

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