Head: Ripcord

Arms: Bazooka(modified bbi grenade)

Vest: Slaughters Mauraders

Torso: Grunt ?

Waist: Crystal Ball ?

Legs: Falcon

Gun: Stalker

Backpack: Leatherneck

Filename: Favre, Brett L.

Primary: Gunslinging

Secondary: Football

Birthplace: Gulfport, Mississippi

At 40 this warrior just keeps on ticking, shredding up Cobra defenses and pulling out inprobable wins. Gunslinger's got the guts of a lion, and is willing to go into the hairiest of operations without batting an eye.

He was raised in a small town called Kiln, Mississippi and is of French and Choctaw descent.

He had 30 inches of his small intestine removed after a near fatal car accident.

Asked if he's ready to come back for another season to fight for Joe, he replied that he wasn't sure, that he thinks it might be time to spend more time with the family but that he hasnt' quite decided yet.

"There isn't anybody I'd rather have along side me in combat." - Duke

Went back and forth on what his codename would be: Gunslinger, The Gunslinger, Mississippi Gunslinger, The Minnesota Gunman; settled on Gunslinger, it's simple, it works.

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