Head: Comic Pack ARAH Breaker
Chest/back, upper legs: ARAH Flash
Arms: ARAH Frag Viper
Waist: 1986 Hawk
Lower legs: 1993 Muskrat


After making Chimney, I felt like doing another ARAH figure. I wanted to work with one of the very early and more iconic designs and change it just enough to look contemporary. I opted to use the Flash/Grandslam design, but kept the chest/back and upper legs. Mixing different pieces into the design would alter the appearance enough to make it appear to be a new character. The Frag Viper arms and Muskrat lower legs had bodysuit qualities that made them work well with the existing Flash parts. The '86 Hawk waist doesn't seem like it would be a good fit, but the draped gunbelt is so different from the original '82 universal Joe waist that it changes the dynamic of the figure.

Colors & paint:

The metallic padding was the starting point. Hasbro has released Flash/Grandslam with orange, silver, and metallic silver blue (in the 25A line). I thought about metallic grey or metallic green, but decided to go with bright gold as it is the most different from what's been done before. While not a realistic color, it set the tone for a warm color palette.

The first sketches I did had the character's bodysuit in a desert camo pattern. However, it looked odd on a skin tight bodysuit so I was going to go with straight khaki/tan. Once painted, the color was nearly identical to the flesh tone, creating a creepy naked appearance. I added some brown and burgundy spray on top of the khaki and the problem was solved.


The waist had to be opened up just a little bit to seat the chest/back. The knee area had to be slimmed down to look right with the lower legs. The left knee had to be rebuilt as the peg was broken.

Thanks for looking.

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