Head: CLAWS Commander
Torso: Razorclaw v2
Arms: Sgt Stalker v4
Waist: Destro v3
Legs: Zartan v7
- Sub-machinegun: Snake Eyes v23
- Jacket: Hannibal

File name: Unknown
Primary Occupation: Deep Cover Operations Facilitator
Secondary Occupation: Intelligence
Birthplace: USA (suspected)
Grade: OX-4 (Executive Major)

Gauntlet is Cobra's 'problem solver'. With Crimson Guards in various positions of power and influence around the world, they can't afford to have nuisances occupy their time and resources during the pursuit of their objectives. Notwithstanding the CG's savvy as political operators, sometimes annoyances (and potential threats) need to be dealt with using extraordinary, plausibly deniable means. This is where Gauntlet fits in.

If a CG is facing a problem such as an impediment to promotion, or feels threatened with being exposed, Gauntlet is brought in to 'solve' the problem. Learning all he can about the organisation or individual that is jeopardising the CG Operative's mission, Gauntlet targets the key aspects in order to neutralise the threat. He specialises in non-lethal disruption - notably causing significant enough problems that the threat becomes so pre-occupied and marginalised that they can no longer impede the CG's mission. In rare instances elimination of the target is required as a last resort; the only time the victim ever knows who they've been tangling with is the final moment when Gauntlet reveals the Cobra he wears under his jacket...

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