Head: Hawk (v2) 1986 - modified
Torso: Hawk (v2) 1986 - modified
Left arm: Hawk (v2) 1986
Right upper arm: Hawk (v2) 1986 - modified
Right lower arm: B.A.T.S (v1) 1986 - modified
Waist: Hawk (v2) 1986
Legs: Hawk (v2) 1986 - modified

Cobra developed a B.A.T. that infiltrates G.I. Joe headquarter by shapeshift and impersonate key Joe figures. For obvious reasons, Hawk was the first to be replaced. But as you can see, the B.A.T.'s cover was blown and G.I. Joe fought back!

But this raises the question: Who else isn't who he says he is? And what topsecret information fell into the wrong hands due to Hawk-B.A.T.?

To be continued...

To create the right leg, I used a Q-tip as shin and some metal wire (my wife uses in the garden) as fibula. For the right arm, I used the B.A.T.'s hand and the same wire I used in the legs as cubit and radius. Some small electric wire I use to solder in my electric guitars are details in the torso. I used milliput to create the tattering of the jacket.

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