Head: 25th Specialist Trakker
Torso/Arms/Hands: 25th General Hawk
Legs: Build'n'Brawl Series 4 Deuce

Once I made my Hal Jordan as Green lantern, I started casting around for a way to make a flight jacket civilian version of Hal. I already had the head, so I needed a figure with an A2 style flying jacket. The Indiana Jones jacket was the wrong style, but the 25th Anniversary General Hawk figure was perfect. The only problem was that I wanted him wearing shoes, not army boots. I decided, reluctantly, to cut Hawk in half at the waist and graft a pair of BnB legs from a Deuce figure on to the upper half. They looked enough like a pair of jeans to look right. After that the figure only needed minimal painting and a name tag and flight wings adding to the jacket.

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