Base Figure: Sea Ops Duke body, Force Battlers Jango Fett head
Paint: chrome silver
Accessories: Jango Fett backpack, holsters, belt and guns, Ninja B.A.T. shoulder armor

While browsing at TRU the other day I noticed that the Star Wars Force Battler figures were about the same scale as the Sigma 6 figures. I grabbed a Jango Fett and a Sea Ops Duke and set my sights on making a Sigma version of Jango. Originally I intended to hollow out the Fett armor pieces but that didn't pan out the way I had hoped. So I simply hollowed out the head and adapted it to fit the Duke neck peg. I modified the backpack to look decent and eliminated the action attack feature. The holsters were cut off and glued onto the thighs after trimming off the Sigma ports. Next all I needed to do was paint on some silver chrome accents and he was done. I was amazed at how well the SODuke blue matched the blue on the Jango helmet so that was left alone. I tried to match the original Jango figure's armor as closely as possible and I think I kept the basic look intact while introducing it into the Sigma 6 world.

Code Name: none
Real Name: Fett, Jango
Bounty Hunter

Primary Military Specialty: Tracking
Secondary Military Specialty: Infiltration

The bounty hunter Jango Fett is known throughout the world for his uncanny ability to track fugitives that have eluded law enforcement agencies around the world. He works for whoever is paying the bounty and has no allegiances with any government or military agency. Skilled in tracking, intelligence and combat, Fett is a dangerous adversary. During a retrieval in South America, Fett's quarry came into contact with Cobra. At the same time, Sigma 6 was tracking the Cobra cell and after a brief confrontation, Duke and Fett came to an understanding, working together to accomplish their goals. As part of the mission, Fett was temporarily issued a Sigma suit which he kept after he apprehended his bounty. He has since modified the suit with additional armor including the shoulders of a Cobra Ninja B.A.T. which he destroyed during the battle. Fett keeps to himself and prefers not to come into conflict with Sigma 6 if he can help it but there will come a time eventually when their paths cross again. Until then he will continue to track and apprehend the scum of the world... if the price is right.

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