Head: NS Scalpel
Chest/Back: NS Night Creeper
Arms: NS Slice
Hands: Star Wars- Han Solo
Waist, legs: NS Ripper
Mask: NS Snow Serpent helmet
Shoulder armor: Imaginext
Stick Weapon: Star Wars- Rancor Keeper w/blade from Chap Mei ninja?


The GI Joe Collectors' Club took a Hasbro troop builder concept, but released it as an individual "named" character, Dreadnok Kaos. The problem with the character, as an individual or as a troop builder, is the hockey mask (which I lazily replaced with a snow mask). Dreadnoks are so anti-social that they even don't bother to conceal their identities. A Dreadnok concealing his identity runs counter to the entire concept of the biker gang identity- at least within a GI Joe context.


New Sculpt parts, plus the Imaginext shoulder armor, to very roughly mimic the look of the upper body look of the GIJCC figure. Using the Scalpel head, when displayed without the mask, allows for a less anonymous mode. For the lower half, I used NS Ripper parts, which give the figure a touch of true Dreadnok credibility. The stick weapon looks like something ridiculous that a Dreaknok would use, but isn't so iconic that it screams "Star Wars!" since the blade has been replaced.

Colors & Paints:

The dark jersey and black pants of the GIJCC figure didn't feel "Dreadnok-ish" enough to me. So a yellow/red splatter jersey and charcoal pants instead, but with some throwback colors of the GIJCC figure here and there. The hair on the Scalpel head is repainted as black.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The back of the helmet was cut away to create the look of a hockey mask. The neck opening of the shoulder armor was opened up enough for the collar of the Night Creeper's shirt to pass through. To fix the New Sculpt proportions, the chest/back is lifted up with an extended "spine", which was then wrapped with epoxy.

Thanks for looking.

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