Head: Roadblock V2
Rest: Psyche-Out V2
Gun: Star Wars gun with Lightsaber

Real name Nigel Merryweather
MOS: Sniper Element Urban

SAS Team 1: Reactivated by order of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980's in response to the growing terrorist threat, SAS Team 1 is tasked with bringing a clear and immediate end to "no win" terrorist situations.

Critical to the success of Team 1 counter terror activities is the sniper element. Longshot is the Primary Urban and Interior Combat gunman for the team and is fully qualified to support or relieve the acting Field sniper.

More than simply "shooting to kill" the Sniper element of Team 1 is responsible for providing real time information to the assault team and providing perimeter security.

When force is needed, Longshot can deliver an "x-ray down" in adverse conditions at truly fantastic ranges. He has been known to shoot a "possible" (perfect score) at the qualification range on a weekly basis. This would be impressive at the normal training range of 600m, and even more so, as Team 1 qualification distance is 1000m.

A brilliant tactical thinker, and one of the most accurate shots in the history of British gun fighting; Longshot is actually one of the nicest people that you'd ever meet. For a man whose job is to undertake a godlike view of the world, with the ability to deal death with the touch of a finger, he's remarkably well adjusted.

From the files of Directorate 6:

"He's a stone cold killer one minute; then he takes off the suit, and he's just another bloke throwing darts and cheering the team. I have the sincere feeling that even though he is the one pulling the trigger, he sleeps a lot better than I do at night."

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