Head: Serpentor v4
Rest: Destro v16
- Helmet: Cobra Air Trooper
- .357 Magnum: Red Zone

It is a total LBC, but I found in repainting a helmet and placing it on the figure it created a totally new character feel

File Name: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Command
Secondary Military Specialty: Strategic Planning
Birthplace: Unknown
Grade: O-7 (Brigadier)

Leviathan is a mysterious and notorious figure. One theory is that he rose from the ranks of the Annihilators and amassed a fortune in his own right brokering arms deals to various governments and breakaway factions. He nonetheless continued to command troops in the field on various expeditions. Noted as a brilliant strategist, when the relationship warmed between the Iron Grenadiers and Cobra, he was seconded to the Legions working both in Cobra's Strategic General Staff and as the deputy commander of 33 Viper Division (Urban).

His identity is completely unknown; the only photograph of him without a helmet is grainy pictures of a man in shades. Some rumors suggest Leviathan may even be Destro himself.

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