Head: Obiwan Kenobi (Star Wars Vintage Series)
Torso: Beachhead (City Strike)
Upper Arms: Beachhead (City Strike)
Lower Arms: Cobra Commander (Rise of Cobra)
Hands: Whiplash (Iron Man 2)
Upper Legs: Beachhead (City Strike)
Lower Legs: Shockblast (Resolute)
Jacket: Zartan (Desert Battle)

Thomas S. Bowman
Master Sergeant (E-8)

Life is all about danger, because at any moment we could die. But this is a man who is in a fair bit more danger than most of us, as he works undercover in the most dangerous groups imaginable. If there's a seedy criminal element around, Mace knows about it and most likely has links to it. He is a skilled manipulator, often pitting groups against one another before calling in back-up to clean the mess. Where Chuckles likes to make jokes in the heat of things, Mace prefers to keep a quiet demeanor. As a result, he has a way of intimidating those he works with.

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