Head: '82 Scarlett
Torso: '83 Airborne
Arms: '83 Duke
Waist and Legs: '85 Flint

Mayday is loosely based on the Devils Due character, but in my case she is a Combat Weather Specialist (the only one on the team). She was part of a beta program in which women were allowed in the position for the first time on a probationary basis. Mayday quickly surpassed everyone's expectations and caught the eye of Gen. Hawk who offered her a position on the Joe team.
As the team's only Combat Weather Specialist, she embarks into a combat zone or behind enemy lines to collect and interpret meteorological data and provide air and ground force commanders with timely, accurate intelligence.
She is a skilled marksman and is HALO certified.

I wanted to make a new female figure, but am short on ARAH female parts, so I had to improvise a little. This custom figure marks my first attempt at sculpting. The chest came out okay if a little lumpy. Some additional sanding could have been done to smooth it out.
The Scarlet head was in bad shape so I had to completely repaint it, even the eyes.
Overall I am somewhat pleased with the end result, and am always glad to add another woman to the Joe roster!

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