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-Marvel Legends MK 1 Iron Man

-Plastic dome from Microman figure

-BBI 1:18 figure head

-Metal pin (for antenna)

Made a couple attempts at a larger Palooka armor, but was never pleased with the execution until this custom.

Magilla is just a big Palooka power suit; same concept, just a larger scale toyline than Diaclone.

The build was a breeze until it got to the bubble helmet and head. First, I had to keep shaving the inside of the ML Iron Man's neck until the helmet fit just right. It's removable (to pose the head), but is really held in by tension and a prayer.

The head was the only one I had in my parts library that:

A) Actually fit


B) Didn't look ridiculous

What I honestly thought was going to be the easiest part of the build became the most tedious and periodically frustrating... took days to get right, and thought of leaving the project on the backburner (again) more than once...

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