Head: Recondo (SpyT)
Torso: Snow Serpent (JvC 2002? - rec'd as fodder)
Arms: Dr. Mindbender (VvV)
Waist: Snake Eyes (VvV 2004)
L Thigh: Snake Eyes (VvV 2004)
R Thigh: Hacker
Feet: Tunnel Rat (SpyT)

Also highlighting accessory:
Clipboard: green stuff with cut papers glued to it one at a time.

Mainframe came about as necessary once I decided "Devil's Due #25 didn't happen." Two others get customs in the Comic Packs general project, while I have plans in the works for the remaining deaths. Mainframe got to be first, however, as I wrote he and Flash into the "Battle Plans" chapter (issue?) of my dio-story.

For Mainframe, I also wanted to steer away from DD's two images of him: Ghost-ih-the-Shell and non-physical geek. They forgot that Mainframe was an old campaigner who trained in computers /after/ his first tour of duty, then came back as a Marine when the Army said he was too old. I wanted to steer some tradition into his Joe uniform -- yet keep in mind that part of being a Joe is a certain flexibility with uniform etiquette.

Thus, Mainframe wears a variation of Marine service dress. He also gets to wear his stripes on the sleeves (I also gave him a bump to E-6 to reflect his supervisory duty) and the globe on his hat. To preserve an idea of combat readiness should the PIT be attacked, he wears his blues bloused over jungle boots, and carries grenades with pistols.

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