Head: Padme (Cloud Car Pilot)
Torso, Waist, Lower Arms: VvV Scarlett
Upper Arms: VvV Jinx
Legs: SpyT Lady Jaye

Scuba tank: Hydro-Viper?
Scuba mask: Chap Mei Wild Safari diver

Dagger: Chap Mei
Straps: BBI Flak vest

So, Mayday gets on the team, and what's the first thing Devil's Due does with her? Put her on the water, that's what. I decided to keep that particular story (#28) despite ignoring Serpentor's Return and the 2nd Cobra Civil War. As part of that inclusion, I decided that Ms. Adams went through diver's training in the same class as Depth Charge, right before the Joe's reinstatement. Their teacher? None other than Deep Six, who in turn was one of the people (unbeknownst to either applicant) who wrote a reference suggesting each for the Greenshirt program.

For her scuba uniform, I chose the same basic design as I did for Scarlett, but while Scarlett's risque diving suit is more suited for a vacation scene, I believe that Mayday's is more functional.

For part of that, I used the tabs from a BBI flak vest in combination with the removable dagger, to have the close-combat weapon ready on her thigh. She has only gone through the first or second series of diving schools, so she's more versed in shallow-water insertions to get to a blind for sniping.

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