Head: Lady Jaye '03 w/Sculpey hair
Torso: Zarana '03
Waist: Burnout '03
Arms: Chameleon '01
Legs: Cobra COILS '03
Colt Python .357: Gung-Ho '02

Off-road racer turned vigilante turned bounty hunter turned GI Joe civilian special agent, Magnum Annie won't win any beauty contests or prizes for Miss Congeniality with her acidic wit, hell-raising attitude or often twisted humor. What she will do is get you where you need to be, and if that "where" involves mixing it up with Dreadnoks, she'll get you there even faster and open up a personal can of whup-ass on them herself!

Expertly skilled at operating anything with four tires and a steering wheel, Annie grew up just across the border from Mexico in Baja, California; from an early age she loved racing, be it go carts or dirt bikes; by the time she was old enough to get her driver's license she was already competing in unsanctioned off road races through the Mexican desert. By her early twenties she had made a name for herself and became adept at racing not only in the desert but across almost any terrain, worldwide.

Everything changed when her parents were killed by Dreadnoks Torch and Ripper after refusing to let them steal parts from the ATV dealership they owned. Annie spent several years hunting the two 'Noks to no avail before becoming a bounty hunter with the skills she'd learned. She never gave up her pursuit of the 'Noks, however, and several times managed to corner them only to have them slip away at the last second. This brought her to the attention of the Joes, who offered her a special agent position in support of the team, which she gratefully accepted.

Annie takes her codename from her family's business: Magnum Racing.

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