Head: Flint 91 and Major Bludd 00
Torso and waist: Airtight 85
Arms: Stalker 03
Thighs: Scrap Iron 84
Feet: Overlord 90
Backpack and gun: Major Bludd 83

The Cobra organization's most sinister and remorseless scumbag-for-hire, Major Bludd.

Major Bludd was always one of my favorite characters and he was another victim of the, "scrawny body syndrome" that many figures produced in 1984 had and didn't measure up. I've always felt that there never was a decent figure of Maj. Bludd ever made except maybe the one produced in 2000 but I always longed for one in his original costume and done the right way. The work on his torso and right arm was a pain to do but the pay off was well worth it.

This was another satisfying job and I can now finally say that this is the Major Bludd that I always wanted...

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