Head: SW Mara Jade (modified)
Torso, Upper Arms: 25A Baroness
Lower Arms/Feet: 25A Lady Jaye (arms modified)
Legs: 25A "Glenda" Scarlett

Webgear made from 25A Snake-Eyes straps, 25A Lady Jaye gunbelt, resin cast of ARAH Grunt backback, and Para-Viper ammo clip containers


Here's another Devil's Due character. Surprisingly, it was impossible to find any good images of Mayday/Paige Adams from which to work. The images I did find didn't inspire me too much, so I just did my own approach on the character.

This is another attempt at trying to maximize the few 25A female parts and disguise them.


I went with the "dirtyflage" technique. Splattered paint washed over with a blue/grey mix.


The Lady Jaye lower arms are reworked to have have folds in the fabric and rolled-up sleeves to change the appearance.

Thanks for looking.

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