Head - resaurus Biohazard/Resident Evil Tyrant
Neck made from baf marvel legends annihilus bicep
Hood made from sigma lt stone zartan mask
Torso wings lower arms from baf annihilus
Legs from marvel select antivenom
Leg shrouds are made from Prometheus pressure suit engineer chest armor
Knee pads from marvel ultimate rivals red skull shouldet pads
Biceps made from baf annihilus thighs
Chest scarab made from skull on toybiz savage land angel.

Nemesis is said to be the inspiration to all things that go bump in the night. He was actually once one of Destro's trusted lieutenants that was sent to spy on a secret biolab hidden in the Himalayas. The details on what happened within the Cobra Lair are fragmented at best. Exposure to some form of mutagenic spore has given him incredible strength, inhuman endurance and impervious to pain at the cost of any sign of freewill or humanity. All he knows is the lies and legends told to him by Cobra Commander in a vain attempt to save his own hide when he first investigated the lab accident.

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