Head- Dynamite 95
Torso and Arms- Leatherneck 93
Waist- Footloose 86
Legs- Chuckles 87
M16 w/ grenade launcher- Marauder Inc.

A native of Sierra Gordo, Ortega was once a member of the country's elite National Guard until the government was overthrown by a military junta supported by COBRA. Escaping to the bush, he joins the counter-revolutionary forces led by El Jefe, supported by the US through the help of GI JOE. Becoming disillusioned over El Jefe's betrayal of the revolution and the prolonged subjugation of his people, he goes into exile and leaves Sierra Gordo. He roams the globe as a soldier of fortune, fighting in many conflicts, and a few times ended up fighting alongside GI JOE once again. Ortega hopes one day to return Sierra Gordo once his country is free.

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