Head: Duke v11
Torso: Duke v11
Arms: Duke v11
Hands: Duke v12
Waist: Overkill v3
Legs: Overkill v3
- Rifle: Blackout
- Helmet: CLAWS Commander
- Arm Guard: Lady Jaye v3 Spytroops Gear

File Name: Phillipe de Spartan
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Operational Planning
Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland
Grade: O-9 (Lt General)

Deputy Commander of the Infantry Corps, Director of Specialist Infantry Training

As a young man, Omikron served as a member of the Vatican's Swiss Guard following military training in his native Switzerland. Whilst in Rome he was recruited by the mysterious Opus Dei sect for 'special projects' with a unit called "The Hand of God." Given elite training on par with other international tier one Special Operations elements, he carried out numerous covert and nefarious deeds. These were nominally for the greater good of the Church but almost all really served only Opus Dei. Rising to be the leader of the THoG, he nonetheless became disillusioned working for an organization seeking only to enhance its own power. Omikron decided he may as well derive some personal benefit from his deeds and determined he could profit by branching out on his own. He soon went rogue with some trusted fellow Guardsmen, forming a mercenary group called Tenebris Lux. With this force he masterminded a handful of military coups on small African and Middle Eastern states. With so many new dictators indebted to him, his personal power became a force to be reckoned with, prompting concern over loss of market shares at Extensive Enterprises. The twins determined that he would make a valuable ally but his history of betrayal worried them. Thus, Cobra devised a plan to bog Omikron down with the bureaucracy of his vassal states whilst simultaneously conducting multiple assassination attempts against him (with plausible deniability, of course), but ones designed to fail. After two years of this but with Omikron beginning to develop credible protection, the Twins approached the tired Swiss and offered the security of a merger with Cobra - with a significant benefits package, naturally! He subsequently joined Cobra as a Lt-Col, but progressed swiftly up the ranks. Though he has settled somewhat into the job of training development, Omikron still occasionally picks up his assault rifle and leads a horde of Vipers on a sneak attack on an unsuspecting nation.

* Another in my series on Cobra military leadership, Omikron is shown here briefing a Desert Scorpion (Long-Range Recce) Officer and Trooper. (Two other customs from Funskool Joes)

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